Clear Blast-Resistant Shielding Rooms

Our custom explosion-resistant rooms provide complete protection during potentially hazardous industry procedures. Engineered for the specific level of protection needed, our shield rooms can be customized to any configuration or geometry. 

  • Certified, impact-rated transparent polycarbonate panels
  • Aluminum and steel framing
  • Custom sizes and configurations
  • Available as a complete free-standing room or as a single wall
    Clear blast-proof room manufactured with polycarbonate panels and aluminum and steel framing.


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    Customization Features Include:

    Sliding doors | Ceiling panels | Lighting | Kevlar blankets integrations | Vent and fan integration | Equipment and connection access panels | Integrated hoist 

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    Common Industrial Applications

    • Hydrostatic testing
    • Ballistics
    • Machinery containment
    • Barrier separation of a hazardous area
    • Pneumatic testing
    • Explosive operations
    • Rotating equipment
    • Burst testing
    • Projectile Containment
    • Hazardous operation shielding
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