Kevlar Ballistic Blankets

Kevlar tarps are custom-engineered barriers to mitigate a range of blasts, including gas or water jets, and capture high-velocity shrapnel in constrained spaces. Their aramid fiber inner layers and protective outer layers are ballistic and heat-resistant. We calculate the level of protection you need using empirical equations developed through testing.

  • Manufactured with Kevlar inter-layers
  • Resist forces as strong as 1700 psi per layer
  • Outer-layers are made with polyester vinyl or silicone-coated fiberglass
    Kevlar shielding blankets with interlayers and holes for kevlar ropes.


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    Kevlar Blankets Specifications

    1700 psi per layer | Outer-layers made with polyester vinyl or silicone-coated fiberglass | Fitting protection | Heat Resistance Capabilities | Blast Overpressure Capabilities

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    Common Industrial Applications

    • Hydrostatic testing
    • Ballistics
    • Machinery containment
    • Pneumatic testing
    • New product development
    • Projectile Containment
    • Vapor cloud containment
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