Ballistic Blankets

Blast-rated Kevlar Shield Blankets are engineered to protect against a range of threats, from gas or water jets to high-velocity shrapnel while adapting seamlessly to confined spaces. 

Our ballistic and burst-resistant curtains guarantee your safety in any threat scenario. We calculate the level of protection you need using empirical equations developed through extensive testing.

We can fabricate individual blankets with up to 15 inter-layers of Kevlar. Experience unmatched safety with our innovative shielding solutions.

Kevlar blanket with blast and impact resistance.

| Kevlar Inter-layers

Your business application will determine the number of needed inter-layers. We fabricate individual Kevlar curtains with up to 15 inter-layers.

| Heat-Resistant

Polyester vinyl outer-layers that resist up to 200 °F, or silicone coated fiberglass material with a resistance of 500 °F

| Tested Products

All our shielding products are backed with thorough tests to ensure trustworthy protection. 

| Fitting Protection

Our Kevlar blankets can fit on complex geometric assemblies and can include Kevlar rope tie-downs.

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Common Ballistic Blankets Applications

  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Ballistics
  • Shrapnel Containment
  • Machinery containment
  • Pneumatic Testing
  • Engine Development
  • Projectile Containment
  • Vapor Cloud Containment



Our ballistic blankets can be customized in various sizes to meet the unique demands of your specific industry application. We can incorporate integral Kevlar rope tie-downs, which ensure a snug fit for intricate geometric assemblies and allow for easy removal.


  • Integral Kevlar rope tie-downs for a secure fit
  • Fitting protection on complex geometric assemblies
  • Easy to install and relocate
  • Can be bolted to equipment & machinery
  • Curtain trolley system integration
  • Easily suspended with framing systems
  • Kevlar rope tie-down integration for a secure fit
  • Can be combined with a shield enclosure for a complete containment shielding solution

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