Mobile Shield Barriers

Polycarbonate Shield Barriers meticulously crafted to provide robust protection against overpressurization, explosions, and flying projectiles.

Crafted with certified impact-rated panels and a modular framing system, our explosion containment barriers ensure unparalleled safety.

These barriers seamlessly interlock, forming a complete shielding enclosure and are adaptable to a variety of intricate geometries to fit seamlessly into your facility and workflow. No building permits are needed, simplifying the installation process.


L-wall shielded enclosure for hazardous scenarios

| Polycarbonate Panels

Certified blast, impact-rated polycarbonate clear panels to allow process visualization while keeping its high-impact protection.

| Modular Framing

Our proprietary modular framing allows attaching our shield barriers to each other for a complete enclosure or combining them with Kevlar Blankets.

| Tested Products

All our shielding products are backed with thorough tests to ensure trustworthy protection. 

| Custom Configurations

Our shield barriers are available as single walls, room dividers, corner barriers, U, L-shaped barriers, or any geometry you need.

Some of our Explosion Containment Walls Configurations

Common Barrier Shields Applications

  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Burst testing
  • Ballistics
  • Rotating machinery
  • Explosive operations
  • Pneumatic testing
  • Hazardous machine containment
  • Hazardous operation shielding
  • Barrier separation of a hazardous area
  • High-velocity projectile containment



Our USA-made connectable barriers are rigorously tested and custom-designed to suit your specific needs; no building permits are needed. They offer versatile configurations and top-tier protection for pressure testing, ballistics, and machinery containment.


  • Standard polycarbonate thickness: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1.25”
  • Wheels that allow easy movement by a single person
  • Thoroughly tested offering blast, Level A Ballistic, and Level I to III forced entry protection
  • Flexible sizes from person-height to movable wall segments
  • Bottom steel skirt to prevent material from sliding under the barrier
  • Engineered to your energy impact threat level
  • User interface cutouts
  • Integrated floor anchors for enhanced stability
  • Connect two barriers for a complete shield room
  • Ceiling and side panels available

Looking for a larger containment enclosure?

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