TotalShield® machine guards or complete machine guarding systems protect personnel, facilities, equipment, and other assets from flying shrapnel that can occur as a result of machine failure. This modular, transparent shielding system extends a thoroughly tested shield wherever high impact protection and improved worker safety is needed. Some machine applications where TotalShield® can provide ideal protection:

  • Heavy Machining Operations
  • Assembly Lines
  • Centrifuges and Other High Rotation Machines
  • Pumps
  • OnSite Sodium Hypochlorite Generators
  • Pressurized Equipment
  • Dynamometers

TotalShield® is offered in varying force protective levels to match all your shielding requirements for hazardous machine protection, and worker or visitor exclusion areas.  Since we use a modular framing system, our machine guarding can be configured into any shape and size, including entire rooms with either doors or labyrinth openings, L-shaped barrier corner barriers, and inline wall barriers for egress limitation.

TotalShield® machine guarding is designed for easy access to machines that require a worker interface, and easy shield panel removal for machine maintenance.

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