TotalShield® provides high impact resistant transparent or solid personnel barriers for security and industry applications. Available as a complete freestanding room, configured with a few panels for an operator barrier, or as a single wall separating work areas; our personnel barrier shielding offers complete protection, engineered to your specified force protection level. Our modular shielding rooms provide excellent secondary containment for rotating equipment, such as centrifuges, while still providing a clear view of the equipment while in operation. All framing and shielding materials are offered in a wide range of colors and esthetically pleasing options to blend with any environment, or to enhance a hazardous product showcase.

Our shielding rooms are delivered partially assembled, with modular construction, and can be assembled quite easily with our onsite installation supervision. Therefore, we save you money by utilizing your labor to install, while ensuring proper shielding performance and assurance through supervision of the installation by our experts. The versatility of the our modular shielding rooms allows for it to be moved and relocated in the future. This economical feature reduces the cost of modifying existing facilities, like adding permanent structures such as concrete rooms, that can be costly to modify in the future and may not provide adequate containment from a failure.

Utilizing our periodic inspection services guarantees years of proper product performance.  We inspect installed shielding for damage from wear and tear, and in case of an impact event, recommending replacement shield panels, if necessary.  As our shielding rooms consist of modular panels, installing replacement panels is fairly easy, as is moving the shielding room from one location to another.

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