Product Assurance through Proof Testing

Our team of engineers are experts at designing shielding for machine protection, blasts and projectile impacts. We offer onsite consulting to determine your specific force protection requirements and engineer a total solution. The TotalShield® team are leading experts in the structural design of impact and blast resistant structures. We have forged a crucial relationship with Southwest Research Institute,, the leading authority in blast and impact testing in the United States. After determining your force protection requirements, we compare your levels with our proprietary test database. If your requirements do not reside within that database, we perform additional proof testing at Southwest Research Institute. This ensures that all shielding that we install performs to the level at which it was designed.

Real time and high speed test video catch the action.
Why Shielding Material Type Matters:

Throughout the years, TotalShield® has compiled a database of proprietary test data that contains a wide range of impact capabilities of multiple shield materials. There are a variety of both transparent and non-transparent materials that can be utilized as impact and blast protection. However, these materials have a wide range of impact capabilities and disabilities. Therefore, when selecting a shielding material for impact or blast containment, it is pertinent that these capabilities and disabilities be taken into consideration.

Our proprietary test database allows our engineers to do just that. TotalShield® then extends the shielding material’s impact and blast capabilities by utilizing them in conjunction with our proprietary framing structures. Proof testing is not always required when a customers protection level parameters fall in the range of our proprietary test data.

TotalShield Proof Test of Alternate Material