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TotalShield® is a manufacturer dedicated to providing innovative, state-of-the-art impact, ballistic, and blast shields to our customers. Our high impact resistant shielding expertise and technology offers protection from a variety of failure scenarios. Whether the hazardous threat is failure of pumps, pressure vessels, rotating machinery, such as centrifuges, turbines, and fans, any machine resulting in high velocity projectiles, potential explosive blast or overpressure release, or ballistic protection TotalShield® can provide a total shield solution to fit your needs..

TotalShield® utilizes a wide variety of shielding materials to customize a design for your specific protection requirements. Our modular rigid shielding products consist of transparent polycarbonate along with steel, for interfacing and control line access, that is mounted in our multiple proprietary framing systems and our flexible shielding option is woven Kevlar® fabric sewn into protective shielding tarps and blankets. Extensive engineering and testing ensure each of our shield product’s performance. Our polycarbonate impact and blast shield products provide transparency for visual observation of units under test or daily machine and equipment operation. TotalShield’s modular design offers versatility in size, shape, and functionality of the polycarbonate shield products. From large stationary dedicated shield rooms to small shield enclosures for benchtop applications to mobile shield barriers and enclosures to fitted machine guards TotaShield® provides polycarbonate impact and blast shields for a multitude of industries, operations, and threat levels. The Kevlar® blankets and tarps are an economical solution for impact and blast protection when visibility is not required. The shield blankets can be easily removed and replaced for machine and equipment maintenance or rolled and stored when not in use. The Kevlar® blankets and tarps are fabricated to accommodate many shapes and sizes that allow for close fitting protection of equipment. With over 25 years experience in the design and testing of impact and blast resistant structures and personnel shielding expertise, along with a wide expert network, TotalShield® can provide your organization with the safest, most advanced engineered and tested, personnel and asset protection available. We also provide onsite or remote consulting in personnel protection, workplace safety, and assessment of existing protective guards. As you peruse our website, you will learn more about how we can assist your organization with its safety needs.

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