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TotalShield® is a company dedicated to providing innovative, state-of-the-art personnel protection to our customers. Our high impact resistant shielding expertise and technology offers protection from a variety of impact scenarios. Whether the hazardous threat is failure of rotating machinery, pumps, pressurized vessels, any machine resulting in high velocity projectiles, or potential explosive blast, TotalShield® can provide a containment solution to fit your needs.

Custom designed for your specific protection requirements, TotalShield® utilizes a wide variety of shielding materials, transparent and non-transparent, mounted in our multiple proprietary framing systems, installed directly on building surfaces, or woven into protective shielding tarps and blankets. With over 25 years experience in the design and testing of impact and blast resistant structures and personnel shielding expertise, along with a wide expert network, TotalShield® can provide your organization with the safest, most advanced engineered and tested, personnel and asset protection available. We also provide onsite or remote consulting in personnel protection, workplace safety, and assessment of existing protective guards. As you peruse our website, you will learn more about how we can assist your organization with its safety needs.

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