Frequently Asked Questions


What are your standard prices?

We do not have standard pricing, as all of our products are custom designed and fabricated per each customer’s specific application. Our engineers’ team can assist you in determining the specific features your shielding solution needs. 

How can I request a quote?

Click our Request a quote button and provide the following information:

  • Application it would be used for
  • Maximum test pressure
  • For pneumatic testing, please provide Maximum Pressurized Volume
  • For both hydrostatic and pneumatic, please provide sizes and masses of several possible projectiles. If fittings, also provide thread size and thread depth (needed for hydrostatic).
  • Size(s) of rooms and/or enclosures desired?
  • Access requirements – Size(s) and location(s) of doors or blanket closures (only for Mobile Shield Enclosures)

Do you offer a cheaper version of your products?

All our products are certified to contain the threat for which they are designed. We also back up our products with proof tests to the level of application they are to contain. Your energy release threat and the size of the enclosure set the price.

The only way to make it less costly is to reduce the size, but it still will not reduce significantly due to the custom nature of the design and fabrication.

Shielding Materials

What material do you use for your panels?

Polycarbonate sheets.

Do you have polycarbonate panels’ standard sizes?

Yes, we offer 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1.25″ thickness standard polycarbonate sheets. 

You can also ask for a different thickness.

How does your modular framing system work?

Our gasketed framing system allows the polycarbonate panels to move freely upon impact, allowing them to handle higher energy. The energy is transferred from the moving polycarbonate into the bolted framing system. Ultimately, the bolted system allows for the dissipation of energy. 

About Our Products

Are your products certified?

Yes, all of our products are certified to contain the threat for which they are designed. Said certification is also backed up, as all of our shielding products have been tested to the level for the application that they are to contain.

Do you test your products?

Yes, all of our products have been tested to the threat level for which they are implemented. 

Do you include a report of your analysis?

Yes. We provide a Letter Report with all of our products detailing our design methodology and impact-resistant certification.

Our certifications are based on previous tested data, either by ourselves or others, so you can be assured of containment given the proper design parameters.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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