High-Impact Force Protection

Heat Exchanger Test Shield

Get the protection you need for your heat exchanger pressure testing with TotalShield’s patented Heat Exchanger Test Shields.

Our Heat Exchanger Pressure Test Shields can resist up to 4,000 psi. These unique polycarbonate shields protect a range of heat exchanger sizes from 6 inches to 8 feet in diameter.

Keep your staff protected while performing close visual equipment inspections with safe, reliable protection.

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Heat exchanger pressure testing shield render by TotalShield

A Shielding Solution for Every Need

We originally developed the TotalShield Heat Exchanger Shield in partnership with a leading oil and gas company facing recurring safety challenges during the critical process of pressure testing repaired heat exchangers.

In response, we innovated and designed our patented Heat Exchanger Test Shield, setting a new standard for safeguarding employees during these potentially perilous testing procedures.

Originally tailored exclusively for the oil and gas sector, our shielding solution has evolved to become an essential solution for heat exchanger maintenance across multiple industries, extending far beyond its initial scope.

Heat Exchanger Test Shield Specifications


Bolt Circle

Weight (lbs)

1 6” – 7.5” 10
2 7.5” – 10.5” 15
3 10.5” – 1’3″ 25
4 1′ 3″ – 1′ 9″ 45
5 1′ 9″ – 2′ 6″ 90
6 2′ 6″ – 3′ 3″ 125
7 3′ 3″ – 4′ 3″ 210
8 4′ 3″ – 5′ 3″ 310
9 5′ 3″ – 6′ 6″ 465
10 6′ 6″ – 8′ 2″ 750

⚠️ Please note “Bolt circle” refers to heat exchanger mounting flange. Weights are approximate.

US Patent No.: 
US 8,920,897 B2

Unique Shielding Solutions

TotalShield’s Heat Exchanger Pressure Test Shield is a unique product in the industry. Our technology is backed up by thorough tests and certified to protect the operator from the threat of heat exchanger tube plugs being ejected during pressure testing.

This allows the operator to safely observe the heat exchanger under pressure to detect signs of leakage or corrosion while remaining safe from failures.

The entire set of 10 Heat Exchanger Shields will fit heat exchangers from 6 in to 8 ft in diameter. We can also create a custom set for your specific needs.

Tested and Certified Products

TotalShield is compromised with safety. Our products have been designed, tested, and certified. Our Heat Exchanger Shield resists the impact of a 1″ diameter x 1.75″ long steel tube plug expelled from a heat exchanger tube pressurized to 4,000 psi.


Our polycarbonate Heat Exchanger Shield allows a visual inspection during hydrostatic pressure testing procedures, ensuring your personnel’s safety at all moments.


Our Heat Exchanger Pressure Test Shields mounting rings are fabricated from powder-coated aluminum to resist corrosion and reduce weight. We can also manufacture them with steel.


Our unique slotted frame design allows for attachment to multiple flange diameters and bolts directly onto the channel cover flange or tubesheet with 3/4″ diameter studs.

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