Machine shields & Enclosures


Transparent Machine Guards

Increase your security protocols with TotalShield’s machine guard enclosures. Engineered with certified impact-rated polycarbonate panels, they can be retrofitted to closely surround hazardous machines.

Our machine safety enclosures can be customized into any shape and size to offer closer perimeter guarding. These units are designed for easy worker access and easy shield panel removal for maintenance.


  • Blast, impact-resistant polycarbonate panels with steel and aluminum framings
  • Engineered to your specific application requirements
  • Custom, fitted enclosures
  • Protect from rotating equipment, centrifuges, engine projectiles, generators, turbines, flying shrapnel, and more
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes, from benchtop enclosures to cart-based mobile solutions
Clear machine guarding shield manufactured for pressure testing procedures with an integrated test stand shielding.

Machine Enclosure Features

Modular Machine Enclosures

TotalShield’s transparent, modular framing system allows to be configured into any size and shape, such as L or U-shaped corner barriers, inline wall barriers, or more. This feature also permits easy installation, relocation, and panel replacement.

Polycarbonate Impact-Resistant Shields

Our polycarbonate shielding solutions have been thoroughly tested to ensure reliable protection. They provide a clear view of machinery operations without compromising their impact, blast, and ballistic protection capabilities.

Fitted Machine Guards

Our custom machine enclosures can be retrofitted to closely enclose dangerous machinery. This provides full perimeter guarding while avoiding facilities modifications.

Specific Force Protection Levels

We’re committed to security. That is why TotalShield’s solutions are offered in varying force protection levels to match all your shielding requirements.

Machine Shield Applications

Centrifuges and Other High Rotation Machines ⦁ Pressurized Equipment ⦁ Pumps ⦁ On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators ⦁ Heavy Machining Operations ⦁ Assembly Lines Dynamometers

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