Clear Shielding Rooms


Blast and Impact Resistant Shielding Rooms

TotalShield’s clear shielding rooms provide impact protection from a range of industry applications. They are manufactured in the USA from certified impact-rated polycarbonate panels with aluminum and steel framing designed and tested to dissipate energy from a blast or pressure release and contain shrapnel.


  • Engineered for the level of protection needed for your business operations
  • Transparent with non-transparent interface panels
  • Complete free-standing room or as a single wall
  • Available in custom sizes and configurations

Ensure your personnel and equipment safety and get the protection you need.

TotalShield’s transparent blast and impact resistant shield room, manufactured with polycarbonate sheets and aluminum and steel framing.

Common Industrial Applications

  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Ballistics
  • Machinery containment area
  • Hydrogen Electrolyzers Safety
  • Pneumatic testing
  • Explosive operations
  • Rotating equipment
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells Enclosures
  • Burst testing
  • Projectile Containment
  • Hazardous operation shielding
  • Pressure Test Enclosures

Modular Framing Technology

Our shielding rooms’ versatility allows various configurations, adapting to your specific application. Install them as a complete free-standing room or single walls to separate work areas.

Portable Containment Rooms

Because of their modular construction, our impact-resistant rooms can be easily assembled, moved, and relocated. This feature prevents extra costs from adding permanent structures or modifying existing facilities. This also reduces or eliminates permitting delays, and allows for easy replacement of polycarbonate panels.

Transparent Walls

Unlike modular buildings made from steel panels, our shield rooms have transparent walls that offer a 360-degree unobstructed view. This enhances employee safety as tests and operations can be monitored safely outside the room, and failures can be detected quickly.

Engineer Support

Our shield rooms are delivered partially assembled in modular components. We provide a comprehensive assembly guide with step-by-step instructions and video support calls with our engineers.

Polycarbonate Blast Shielding Rooms Specifications


  • Polycarbonate sheets
  • Aluminum and steel framings
Sheets Thickness
  • Your specific testing application determines the sheets’ thickness.
Ask for our 1/2", 3/4", or 1.25" thickness standard sheets.
    Ballistic Ratings
      • Free-standing room with sliding access doors
      • Single walls
      • Room dividers
      • Corner barriers
      We customize them to any configuration or geometry you need.
      • We deliver our shielding rooms partially assembled; installation is easy. Ask for our onsite installation supervision service.
      • Different pressure testing processes (hydrostatic, pneumatic, etc.)
      • Burst testing
      • Ballistics
      • Rotating machinery
      • Explosive operations
      • Hazardous machine containment
      • Hazardous operation shielding
      • Barrier separation of a hazardous area
      • High-velocity projectile containment

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