Kevlar Blankets


Kevlar Shielding Blankets

Our Kevlar blankets are custom-engineered barriers to mitigate a range of blasts, including gas or water jets, and capture high-velocity shrapnel in constrained spaces. Their aramid fiber inner layers and protective outer layers are ballistic and heat-resistant. We calculate the level of protection you need using empirical equations developed through testing.


  • Manufactured with Kevlar inter-layers
  • Resist forces as strong as 1700 psi per layer
  • Outer-layers are made with polyester vinyl or silicone-coated fiberglass

Talk to an expert to determine the adequate number of inter-layer of Kevlar.

Custom shield blanket

Industry Applications for Blast Proof Kevlar Shield Blankets

Burst and Pressure Testing

Our blast blankets are fabricated with heat and ballistic-resistant materials. They provide impact protection against blast loads, such as vapor cloud explosions, pressure waves, flying shrapnel, ballistic fragments, and more.

Fitting Protection

We can design our blast-resistant blankets and tarps in different sizes and shapes. We also customize them with integral Kevlar rope tie-downs, allowing fitting protection on complex geometric assemblies and easy removal.

New Product Development and Testing

Testing shouldn’t mean building new facilities. Our shielding blankets can be used for a range of testing applications, such as pressure and ballistics, without the need to adapt or build new facilities for hazardous scenarios.

Impact Protection in Constrained Spaces

TotalShield’s containment blankets provide a high-impact shield that can be adapted to different equipment and limited spacing. While maintaining their flexible and portable characteristics, their blast protection is not affected in any way.

Kevlar Blankets Specifications

 Outer-layer Materials 14 oz. Polyester vinyl
Silicone coated fiberglass material for higher heat-resistant needs
 Blast Overpressure Capabilities 1700 psi per layer. This measure is additive.
We can fabricate individual blankets with up to 15 inter-layers of Kevlar.
Let us know your application to determine the adequate number of inter-layers.
 Heat Resistance Capabilities Polyester vinyl: 200 °F
Silicone-coated fiberglass: 500 °F
Ask about our higher heat-resistant outer layers.

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Different applications require different protection solutions.
Let us know if you need help determining the containment level you need.

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