Mobile Blast Shield Barriers


Clear Mobile Shield Barriers

TotalShield’s mobile shield barriers are designed to protect your personnel and equipment from the effects of overpressurization, explosions, flying projectiles, and more.

Engineered with certified blast and impact-rated panels and our modular framing system, our connectable barriers combine high impact protection with portability and configuration versatility.

Due to their energy dissipation, impact, and heat resistant qualities, our blast shields will increase your safety protocols.


  • Manufactured with transparent, polycarbonate panels
  • Can be secured to each other for a complete shielding enclosure
  • Available as individual shield barriers or complete enclosures
Impact-resistant mobile shield barrier designed for laboratory fume hood testing procedures.

Blast and Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate in our proprietary framing system is the most effective material to dissipate energy created by overpressurization, explosions, or flying projectiles or shrapnel. Its durability and impact-resistant features protect against a wide range of applications.

Specific Force Protection Levels

After assessing your industry application, we determine the polycarbonate panels’ thickness to match your procedure shielding requirements. This ensures that our mobile shield barriers will have the force protection level you need.

Modular Portable Barriers

We manufacture our blast shield barriers with a modular framing system. Attach them to each other for a complete enclosure, or
combine them with our Kevlar blankets for a fabric-access door.
Their portable nature is perfect for temporary test operations and to easy relocation.

Tested and Certified Products

All our shielding products are backed with thorough tests to ensure trustworthy protection. We also include a Letter Report that describes our design methodology and impact-resistant level certification.

Polycarbonate Shield Barriers Specifications

  • Polycarbonate sheets
  • Aluminum and steel framing
  • Steel interface panels for control line access
Sheets Thickness

Standard sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1.25"

We customize our sheets to your specific testing application.

Ballistic Ratings

UL 752Level 1 - Level 3 | NIJ Level II | Level IIIA Ballistic, blast | Level I to III forced entry protection

  • Download our Rating Charts
  • Configurations
    • Single walls
    • Room dividers
    • Corner barrier
    • U, L-shaped barriers
    • Any configuration/geometry you need

    Our shield barriers can be secured to each other. If you need a complete free-standing room, check our Shielding rooms.

    • Different pressure testing processes (hydrostatic, pneumatic, etc.)
    • Burst testing
    • Ballistics
    • Rotating machinery
    • Explosive operations
    • Hazardous machine containment
    • Hazardous operation shielding
    • Barrier separation of a hazardous area
    • High-velocity projectile containment

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