Shielding Experts Consultation

TotalShield is committed to bringing our customers the highest level of safety with our shielding solutions.

Our engineers are available to help your team develop a custom solution unique to your application.

Rigorous Proof Testing

Our team includes leading blast shield engineering experts in the structural design of impact and blast-resistant structures. Through the years, we’ve also forged a crucial relationship with the Southwest Research Institute, the leading authority in the industry in the United States.

After determining your force-protection requirements, we compare your needed levels with our proprietary test archive. If your requirements do not match the parameters of a previous test we have performed over the past twenty years, we can design and perform additional proof testing to verify that our shielding solution will provide the level of safety required for your application.

Deep Application Assessment

When you get a TotalShield product, you get a reliable shielding solution.

Our engineers design shielding for various applications such as blast and impact protection, machine protection, and projectile impacts.

We’ll carefully analyze your business application to customize our shielding products, adapting them to your requirements.


Every testing procedure requires different protection solutions. Our engineering team will assess your business application to determine the best shielding product for you.

Talk to an expert and let us know what you need.

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