Battery Test Chambers and Enclosures


Lithium-ion Battery Enclosures

Get a robust solution to protect your staff’s safety during a battery fire or explosion. Our battery test chambers and enclosures are engineered with the specific requirements to perform battery testing safely

They are manufactured in the USA from certified explosion-rated polycarbonate panels, which you can easily replace if marred by heat or explosion.

Our explosion-resistant battery enclosures are designed to contain thermal runaway events that cause overpressurization and explosion that could severely damage surrounding equipment or people.


  • Available as mobile enclosures and walk-in safety chambers
  • Manufactured with certified explosion-rated polycarbonate panels
  • Thermally isolated flame and heat shields
  • Vent holes to release combustion gases 

Let us know your specific needs and perform your procedures safely.

TotalShield's design for a battery testing enclosure manufactured with polycarbonate panels.

Explosion-Resistant Enclosures Engineered for Battery Testing

Learn how we design and manufacture our lithium-ion battery testing enclosures.

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