Polycarbonate Shielded Enclosures

Mobile & Benchtop Enclosures

Transparent Shield Enclosures

TotalShield can customize a wide variety of impact and blast-resistant transparent, polycarbonate shielding enclosures engineered to your specified force protection level.

Our modular framing system allows our shield products to be configured in any shape and size while maintaining high-impact force protection. Whether you need a portable, semi-permanent, modular, or benchtop enclosure, we got you covered.


  • Available as mobile shield enclosures and small enclosures.
  • Manufactured with certified impact-rated polycarbonate panels.
  • Protect against hazardous machine operations, centrifuges, pressurized equipment, release of projectiles and shrapnel, or machine failure.

Let us know your industry application and enhance your workers’ safety.

Custom tested containment enclosure manufactured by TotalShield for pneumatic pressure testing procedures.

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Containment Enclosures for a Range of Applications

Blast-Rated Shielded Enclosures Applications

Pressure Testing Enclosures ⦁ Water and Electric Utilities ⦁ Centrifuge Enclosures ⦁ Construction ⦁ Machining & Manufacturing ⦁ Refining ⦁ Prototype or Product Testing ⦁ Laboratories ⦁ Commercial or Industrial ⦁ Personnel Protection ⦁ Industrial Grinders ⦁ Industrial Presses ⦁ Viewing Windows ⦁ Other Rotating Equipment ⦁ Lithium Ion Battery Testing

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