All testing procedures have specific requirements. With TotalShield expertise, you’ll get the shielding solution you need.

Our 5-Steps Method

Learn how we provide you the reliable blast mitigation protection you need.


Create conceptual design.
We’ll define our suggested protection solutions based on the maximum threat level.


Determine material.
Considering your needs, we’ll select the proper shielding material and framing design.


Perform proof tests.
Some test procedures lack previous data. If required, we’ll assist in developing a test plan and oversee proof tests at an approved facility.


Fabricate product. 
Once your product design is approved, it is ready to be manufactured.


Product delivery. 
Includes a Letter Report, installation, care and use manuals.

Our Design process

Explore Our Shielding Solutions

Variety of shielding materials | Custom framing systems and configurations | Transparent and non-transparent

Shielding Rooms

Can be used as a primary or secondary containment room. Available as a free-standing room or as a single wall to separate work areas.

Custom shield blanket

Kevlar Blankets

Fabricated with ballistic resistant inner-layers. They can be used as protective shields, test apparatus covers, pressure vessel test covers, test area curtain separators and more.

Mobile Shield Enclosures

Transparent enclosures with the same protection level as shield rooms. Also available in small size for specific testing in limited space.

Single, clear shielded barrier

Mobile Shield Barriers

Ideal if you look for portability. They can be set up in different geometries and locations and can be secured to each other to create a complete enclosure.

Machine Guarding

They enable observance of machine operations. They can be installed surrounding or between machines and personnel.

HET Shields

Also known as Heat Exchanger Pressure test shield. It enables visual inspection of the tube sheet during pressure tests.


Safety is our commitment.

We always include a Letter Report containing our product design method, analysis, and parameter specifics.

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